Project Conference Session videos now available on Channel 9

Hot off the press this morning, the session video’s for the Project Conference are now available to watch via Channel 9.

Here are a couple of my favourites so far (and I may be biased)..

Click me to to go the video

Future of Business Productivity Keynote – Check out the great demo with the Nintex Workflow for Office 365 app.

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My session Implementing your organizational process in SharePoint, Project Server and Office 365 with Nintex

And finally, the great vision keynote where the future direction of the business is revealed and Ludo and Heather show off their comedic skills whilst doing some great demos Smile

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Multiple Timelines revisited

At the Project Conference I was chatting to someone who was convinced that it wasn’t possible to have different tasks highlighted on different timelines in the Project client, so I thought I would post this walk through to confirm how it can be done.

To start, we need to create another timeline. I covered this a while back in this blog post, but for the sake of completeness will go through it again.

In Project, click on the View Tab and find the Timeline group.

Select a timeline

Click on the drop down and choose More Views…

Choose More Views

In the dialog, select the Timeline view and then click on Copy

Copy the Timeline

Give the new timeline the name ‘Executive Timeline’ and click on OK

Creating the Executive timeline

Now all we need to do is choose the timeline we want to start adding tasks to. In this case I have chosen the Executive Timeline

Adding Tasks to the Executive Timeline

and have gone through and added the first three phases and coloured them as per below.

Colouring the Executive Timeline

Next change the timeline to the normal timeline, notice it’s empty to start with and hasn’t carried over the tasks added to the previous executive timeline.

Normal timeline

You’re now free to start adding different tasks to this secondary timeline quite independently of the the Executive timeline we created before.

Adding Tasks to the Normal Timeline

Now there are some things you need to consider if you are using multiple timelines:

  • Make sure you have the timeline you wish to add the tasks to visible before adding
  • If you’re Synching the Project Schedule with a SharePoint Task List, then only the default out of the box timeline appears to be picked up.

Project Conference 2014 Wrap Up

It’s been a little over a week since the Project Conference in Anaheim finished up and what a conference it was. It’s always great to meet up with the Project Community and catch up on what’s happening, it’s also the only place I know that you can wax lyrical about Project Server without people looking at you as if you’re strange Smile Anyway, I thought I would share some of the highlights with you.

Project Conference Banner

First up the keynote, there were some great demonstrations, announcements and in a first reveals about future directions and investments for Project. A key announcement was the introduction of the new Project Lite SKU for Project Online, a $7 a month licence of Project Online targeted at users who don’t need all the capabilities of Project Online, but do need to complete timesheets, update tasks, view schedules and interact with collaboration sites. The Project Lite SKU will be available from the 1st May 2014.

Project Lite SKU

The other big announcement in the keynote was a new SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) connector which can consume oData feeds (as provided by Project Online), the SSIS package can then write out to a database hosted in Windows Azure that you can then use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to create enterprise reports.

Microsoft are pushing apps in a big way and there are some great apps out there, it was great to see the Publish All Enterprise Projects app in the keynote (click here to learn more) followed shortly afterwards by a pretty deep demo of Nintex Workflow for Office 365, one of the products I am responsible for in my non project day job at Nintex Smile (thanks Jakob for the better picture).

Publish All Projects in the Keynote

Howard Crow showing Nintex Workflow for Office 365

The sessions at the conference were great, with a diverse range of speakers from customers, partners and the engineering team. I personally enjoyed a few of the workflow sessions and was excited to see so many people getting on board with Demand Management in 2013. It was also great putting faces to names, and of course catching up with old friends and fellow Project MVP’s from around the world.

Alex and the ever stylish Dux Raymond SyHardcore Beer Drinking Project MVP's

I was lucky enough to present a session on behalf of Nintex on how our products could be used to implement organisational process. The session went really well with a great turn out, some good questions and all five demo’s workflow flawlessly.

Project Conference Session

For those of you that came along to the session, thank you, as a final reminder, all the links from the session can be seen at I have a couple of videos of the demo’s I showed that I will push up in the next couple of weeks.

All in all it was a great conference, lots of information, lots of networking, lots of preparation and whilst there, lots and lots of work. Thanks to everyone at Microsoft and Dynamic Events that put the whole thing together Smile

Using Project Server 2013 / Project Online–make sure you read this…

The Project Support blog today published a post about a pretty nasty bug that has been found in Project Server 2013 and until very recently in Project Online that could cause you to lose resources across schedules.

Full details of the bug and the actions you can take to address the issue if you have encountered it can be seen at

If you have encountered any issues with lost resources including resource names turning into numbers, or mysterious material resources appearing, I would highly encourage you to read the above blog.

Where did those dots come from in Project Online?

In the past few days an update has been pushed out to Project Online to improve some of the navigation elements of the Project Center.

Project Center - ...'s

If you look closely above you will see after each Project Name a new context menu elipsis (…) has been added which when you click on it will open up a notification giving you key pieces of data about the project.


Context Menu

From the screenshot above you can see the Project Name, %age complete, the project start date and end date as well as the Owner and Last Published date.

The bits I really love though are the commands available to me now directly from within the context menu. Now I can open the Project, Share it with other team members or if I hit the second context menu, Delete the project, Edit Resource Plan, Build Team or the ability to get to the Project Site.

Command Shortcuts

Unfortunately the project site link is a little buried still needing me to click twice to get to the option, guess it may be a good candidate App for the Appies. For now the update is for Online only, hopefully we will see this come back into on-premises in a future release.

Speaking at the Project Conference

imageI am pleased to confirm that I will be speaking at the forthcoming Project Conference in Anaheim in February 2014. For those of you that haven’t been to a Project Conference, I absolutely recommend you do your best to get to one, the quality of speakers, presentations, networking and all round Project and SharePoint knowledge under one roof is second to none.

Once again I will be representing Nintex, a silver sponsor of the conference and presenting a session entitled:

Implementing your organisational process in SharePoint, Project Server and Office 365 with Nintex

With SharePoint and Project Server 2013, organisations have never before had such a rich platform to manage projects, ranging from lightweight project sites in SharePoint through to Project Server 2013 and even Office 365. Ensuring this platform can be customised to meet your exact process requirements is essential to get the most out of your investment. In this session you will learn how Nintex products can be leveraged to quickly, simply and effectively enhance and augment SharePoint & Project Server 2013 to meet your organisational needs.

I am hard at work building some awesome demos and content to knock your socks off. So please make sure you get along to see how Nintex can help.

It’s not too late to register, so head on over to  and I hope to see you in Anaheim.