Setting up Excel Services in Project Server 2010


Project Server 2010’s reporting and business intelligence story is phenomenal. One of the  most noticeable changes is that the Data Analysis views of previous versions have been deprecated in favour of using Excel Services based reports that interface directly with the cubes.

As part of a default Project Server installation in the beta, a library of templates and sample reports are created within Project Server for use, however they won’t work until you have configured the server correctly. When you click on the report, you will see the following error:

"This workbook is not stored in an Excel Services trusted location. Only workbooks store in Excel Services trusted locations can be opened.  To create an Excel Services trusted location, contact your system administrator"

From looking on the newsgroups and talking to colleagues, it seems this is a bit of an issue. Perhaps there needs to be a configuration wizard to assist here, or some further prompts within GUI to point you at the location to set it up correctly.

Luckily, there are two great resources that provide the steps required to configure the reporting:

· Microsoft Technet – Configure Reporting for Project Server 2010-

· – Implementing and Administering Microsoft Project Server 2010 sample chapters ebook –

The latter is a fantastic resource also outlining how to install and configure Project Server 2010.

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