Confused by the Project 2010 tabs? QAT to the rescue!

One of the most obvious features of the Project 2010 client is the introduction of the ribbon. The ribbon first appeared in Office 2007 and made it into most of the client application except Project. The idea behind the ribbon is that it surfaced commands and features that had previously been nested away under several menu options.

In Project 2010, the ribbon has finally made it into the product. It consists of four main tabs (Task, Resource, Project and View) and a couple of contextual tabs that are shown depending on what tab you select.


One thing that has tripped me up since upgrading to the 2010 client is the ‘Show…’ outline level command that I use all the time to show the different outline levels on my schedule. In 2010 this command is on the View Tab, and not the Task tab that I usually tend to do most of my work in. In 2007, I was lucky as it was there front and centre.


Now there is a great solution to this problem, the Quick Access Toolbar.


The Quick Access Toolbar or QAT, can be customised to include access to those features you commonly used all the time, but have to click around for in the Project 2010. To add an icon to the bar, select the arrow next to the QAT (1) and then either select from the options displayed, or choose ‘More Commands…’ (2).


You then are presented with a dialog that will enable you to select which commands you want to add to the QAT. The dialog even gives you access to some of the context specific tab commands.


Choose what you want to add, then click OK, and your away, those commands that you used all of the time are now there no matter what tab you are on.


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