I’m Project 2010 Ready, are you?

Are you Project 2010 Ready - Sydney

This week I was lucky enough to attend the Project Server 2010 Ignite training in Sydney.  The training was delivered by Christophe Fiessenger and Jan Kalis and covered all aspects of the upcoming Project 2010 release.

The quality of the training was great, providing insights into all the features of the 2010 products, highlighting changes and where there are opportunities for partners to innovate on the platform.

Jan and Christophe presented a heap of sessions covering each of the new feature areas, both with slide and demonstration based content. It was great to see the Australian EPM Partner community using the opportunity to fully understand every aspect of the product, including how manual scheduling really works under the covers, the potential dangers of delegation and departments and understanding the true power of the demand management Project Lifecycle Management features and the benefits it’s going to bring customers (there will be blog posts coming on all of these soon!) We fired a stack of tough questions in pretty well every session which the guys did a fantastic job in answering. When we stumped them, they went back to the product team in Redmond and came back with the answers the next day! So yes, you can have a Business Intelligence centre stored in a location other than under PWA, and there is a new Playbooks coming :)

I would heartily recommend this training to any EPM partner out there that wants to know more about Project 2010. If you can make it, go in person to the last two sessions in March in the US. If you can’t attend, why not download the EPM ignite slide decks directly from Microsoft.

So, I’m Project 2010 ready, are you?

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