How to create multiple timelines

During a recent presentation, a member of the audience asked if it was possible to have more than one timeline per Project 2010 schedule. Each timeline would be customised to show different levels of information for a different audience, such as the executives, or more details for a steering committee or team members. At the time the general consensus was that it wasn’t possible on the client, but you could achieve the same result if you created a number of server based timelines using the excellent post by Andrew Lavinsky and Visio Services.

However during the Ignite training last week it was revealed that it is possible to have multiple timelines stored in the same schedule, and here is how.

When you turn on the timeline, it uses a special view called the Timeline view.

Timeline view

To create another timeline view, click on the timeline combo and select More Views.

Select Timeline

Choose Timeline and then copy.

Create another view

Enter the name for the new Timeline, in this case I have called it Executive Timeline and modified it to show less detail.

Multiple views

Now you will have two timelines displayed in the gallery each linked to the Project Schedule with a different level of information or formatting.


Should you find yourself flicking between views, you can also choose to add the Gallery to the QAT for quick access by right clicking on it.

Just a final word of warning, each timeline view is tied to the data in the schedule, so you can’t push them into the enterprise global and push them around to all views :(

6 thoughts on “How to create multiple timelines

  1. Very helpful info. Surprises me that I could not find anything similar on MS site. It seems this would be one of the most attractive uses of Timeline – to present different views, level of detail or sections of a project schedule to different audiences. Will test it out on a current project.

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  3. Unfortunately I doubt you can have truly different timelines, however. Why? Because when you select a task you tell it to add to timeline — you can’t pick which one. This means that while you may be able to have two differently formatted timeline views you could NOT have two timelines each representing a different section of your plan. Correct?

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