Entering different User Credentials with Project 2010

A couple of weeks ago I had the need to logon to my Project Server instance through the project client as another user. Usually I would check the ‘Enter User Credentials’ option on the login screen and enter the credentials to login with.

Project 2007 Logon

However, in the Project 2010 client the ‘Enter User Credentials’ check box is missing.

Project 2010 Logon

After a quick poke around the forums and reading a footnote on this article, it seems it still is possible to logon as someone else, but it’s a little less obvious. To do so, it is necessary to change a security setting of Internet Explorer via the Tools > Internet Options > Security, and modifying the security options for the relevant zone. Navigate down to the User Authentication > Logon option and select ‘Prompt for user name and password’.

Change Security

As Treb mentions in the article above, this WILL change the settings for that zone irrespective of if you are using PWA or not.

Once configured, open Project 2010 and select the Project Server profile and click OK. After a couple of seconds a credential prompt will be displayed.

Enter credentials

Enter the details of the logon you wish to use and click ok. Project 2010 will then start up and login with the different user details entered, not those of the account in which you are logged into Windows.

Different logons

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