Multiple cost rates for a resource in the same project

Last week a question came up as to whether it is possible to have multiple cost rates for a resource within the same project.  The answer of course is yes, and this is how you do it.

1. Navigate to the Resource Sheet and double click on the resource you want to have multiple rates.

2. Navigate to the Costs tab of the Resource Information dialog

Costs 2

3. In the cost rate table, you can enter up to 5 different cost rates from A – E

Costs 3

4. Open the Resource Usage view and add the Cost Rate Table column

Cost 4

5. Change the Cost Rate Table entry to which ever cost rate you wish the resource to have for that task.

Cost 5

2 thoughts on “Multiple cost rates for a resource in the same project

  1. Alex,

    I have had customers who want to use the cost rate tabs to “toggle” between the “cost” of a resource and the “charge” rate to give an indication of the margin they are achieving on a project. This is easily accommodated as per your article and switching between the 2 rates is achieved by using the Find/Replace function and electing to replace A with B or B with A in the Cost Rate Table field (make sure this field is selected otherwise you end up replacing A with B in the name field which can make a real mess of your task names) – this simple action achieves the Toggle and can show the different total costs for the project depending on which rate is being applied to the project.

  2. Do you know of a way where you can show in different columns for each of the cost for each rates in the Cost Rate Table? Say one column will show up the cost for using Table A and another column cost using Table B?

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