Three ways to toggle resource over-allocation indicators in Project 2010

Project 2010 introduces a new visual indicator that shows when a resource is over-allocated within the Gantt chart view.  This is a great feature that ensures resource over-allocations are front and centre when people view the schedule, instead of being buried away on a resource tab.

Resource Overallocation Indicator

However there are times when you may want to suppress these indicators without hiding the whole indicators column, which may contain other important information. Project 2010 provides a number of mechanisms to help you suppress these indicators:

1. Right Click on the indicator and choose ‘Ignore Problems for this task’

Ignore Problems

2.Uncheck the ‘Show warning and suggestion indicators for this task’ in the Task Inspector

Task Inspector

3. Add the ‘Ignore Warnings’ column and change the value of all tasks to be ignored to ‘Yes’

Ignore Warnings

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