Fiscal Time Dimension Not Set

fiscal not set For the past couple of weeks I have been building some financial reports from information stored within the cubes of Project Server 2007. The client has some pretty full on requirements around presenting the information, so I chose to implement the reports using Microsoft Excel which I can apply a bit of logic and formatting to instead of the out of the box PS2007 data analysis views.

One problem I ran into was that the Fiscal Time dimension in the cubesfiscal populated was showing as ‘Not Set’ when trying to set it as a filter. After about ten minutes of poking around and scratching my head, I checked the Financial Periods set up on in the Time and Task Management section of Server Settings to make sure the fiscal periods had been configured, which they hadn’t. After setting up the fiscal periods and rebuilding the cube, the fiscal time dimension populated. It appears the cubes require this to be set explicitly for the dimension to populate, which makes perfect sense when you think about it as these fiscal periods can vary between organisations and where in the world they operate.

So why am I telling you this? Well, I figured I might save someone ten minutes in the future if they run into this and decide to do a search :)

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