Cost Benefit and Risk Evaluation Demo Source Code available

Since the Project 2010 demonstration image was first released in beta form there have been a few questions in the forums and around the office about how the Cost Benefit and Risk Evaluation Project Detail Pages (PDPs) were implemented. Both of these PDP’s give a glimpse of how the PDP infrastructure can be leveraged to collect information about a project using the most appropriate mechanism. In the case of the the Cost Benefit PDP, an custom Excel based web part is used to collect financial information which is stored in the document library of the relevant project site.

Cost and Benefit

The Risk Evaluation form uses an InfoPath form to collect risk information and then creates a relative risk weighting which is stored in a central Forms library as well as a total risk value being calculated and written to a project custom field.

Risk Evaluation

Today Microsoft released the Project 2010 Solution Starters, a number of open source additions for Project Server, including some excellent web parts, bulk import and export tools, a report wizard and most importantly the source for the Risk Evaluation and Cost Benefit features, showing exactly how these work.

Source Code

To get the code, navigate over to the Solution Starter page and choose to download the file.

Stay tuned for more posts on the Solution Starters in the coming weeks. There are some fantastic additions in there.

5 thoughts on “Cost Benefit and Risk Evaluation Demo Source Code available

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  2. Hi,

    I downloaded the source code.Can i run directly to my project server site.
    I didnt find out the link to edit..

    Help me
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi,

      Inside the zip files I believe there was some information on how to compile via VS2010 and set up the WCF services on the web site. There is a bit of editing required to ensure you have the correct server name etc. I will try and get a blog post together in the next week or two that covers off what you need to change and do to get it working,


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