How to change the Project Date Format

Recently a user asked on the forums about how to customise the date format of Project 2010 as it was not reflecting his localised regional settings by default.

Gantt Chart View

Project comes with a large set of predefined date formats that can be used throughout the application and will do its best to match one of these to the settings you have in your locale, but it can’t match all of them.

However setting the date format manually couldn’t be simpler, to do so,  choose File > Options > Date Format and select the format of the date you want to use, there are 21 different formats to choose from which should meet any of your customisation needs.

Project Options

17 thoughts on “How to change the Project Date Format

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  2. Hi Alex,

    Nice little tip, but I was wondering, is it possible to do the same thing for the duration field? For example, sometimes I just want to look quickly at how many hours a task will take, rather than days.

    If I enter individual tasks the duration stays in whichever unit I enter, which is great, but not outdented tasks (I’m not sure what the correct terminology is). For example:

    Task (2 days)
    > Subtask (4 hours)
    > Subtask (15 minutes)

    How can I show Task’s duration in hours?

    Looking forward to the next MPUG!

  3. Hi Timothy,

    To be able to convert the duration field to show hours , you can simply change the default setting in File > Options > Schedule > Duration is entered in > Hours. I tried it just now on a schedule with days duration and it modified all the summary tasks (the outdented, automatically generated ones) to be in hours.

    Hope this answers your question.


    • Alex, thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for!

      I can’t beleive I missed that in the options :(


  4. How can I use a minus sign (-) instead of using slash (/) when inputting and displaying dates. I used to be able to do this in earlier versions of MS project but can’t seem to find a way in MS project 2010.

  5. “there are 21 different formats to choose from which should meet any of your customisation needs”

    what if I need a different date format. I would like yyww.d instead of d/Www

    • Hi,

      I have just experimented by changing the date format to include a time component, and then took a basline. Displaying the baseline showed the time component in the baseline as well as the start / finish. So it seems that all date fields will respect what date format you pick.

      Hope this helps,

  6. yes, but … this does not change the format used on a Gantt chart: when I choose to show the Finish Date along with a Milestone, it comes out in US (mm/dd) format although all other dates are un European (dd/mm/yy) format.

    Any ideas?


    • Hi,
      I have just tried this on a copy of Project 2010 SP1 and for the 15th March 2012, see the Gantt showing 15/3 (european). To change the format of the Gantt bar date, in the Format ribbon, choose Layout. A dialog will be shown where you can change a number of things, the most important being the date format.

      I will post up a blog on it in the next few days


    • Change your language + keyboard settings in project to the local region you want to use. Restart office/project as it tells you to…Now all the date format options should display the correct options for your region…Mine had language set to English US, I changed it to English UK with Norwegian keyboard, and was then able to choose dd/mm/yy instead of mm/dd/yy etc.

      • Oh and make sure you ENABLE your new keyboard and language setting and that it is actually set as installed. You should be able to remove the old one after the new is added.

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  8. Your entire posting, “How to change the Project Date
    Format | epmsource” was definitely worth commenting on!

    Just simply wished to mention you actually did a very good work.
    I appreciate it -Rosalind

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