P15 Wish List–A reminder


Just a reminder, a while back I posted about a Project 15 Wish List, and I invited you to post any wishes you may have to the list. With Project 2010 out the door, MS are no doubt turning their attention to P15 so I thought I would post a short reminder for all those regular readers out there, and the newer ones we have picked up in recent months.

Just to reiterate from the original post.

I have created a Q&A site at http://epmsource.shapado.com where you can log those features you would like to see and vote on each feature. Shapado is a free Q&A site where users can create a topic specific Q&A site, that the community can use. You will need to login to vote and create a suggestion, but it will only take a couple of seconds to complete.

The rules of the epmsource Q&A site are simple:

  1. If you like any of the suggestions in the list, vote for them and or leave a comment.
  2. If you have any ideas yourself, enter them, and let the community comment.
  3. Keep it on topic. Only things to do with Project 15 please, including SharePoint if you want. No other office apps.
    Also try and keep it to one suggestion per question.

So, please head on over to the site and vote on the features I suggested, or add your own. Each post has the wiki function enabled so if you can think of an improvement, make it!

As always, there is a disclaimer – This site is not associated with Microsoft in any way, shape or form. In fact, we can’t even guarantee that anyone from MS will read it, but who knows…

Please if you have an idea, head on over and lodge it!

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