Speaking at Tech Ed Australia 2010

teched badgeI am really excited to announce I will be speaking at Tech Ed Australia, presenting an interactive session entitled ‘Leveraging SharePoint 2010 for Project Management’ in the AvePoint Interactive Theatre. The session outline may sound familiar, but I have made some changes and pimped out a few of the demo’s..

Today it is more important than ever to ensure every project your organizations undertakes is delivered effectively. To accomplish this, it is essential that there is clear communication and effective tools to facilitate your project management process. Come and see how SharePoint 2010 can improve the management of your next project, including the new Project 2010 client integration, Visio Services and Team Site improvements.

As if the content wasn’t enough, I also have a one year Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate + MSDN subscription to give away during the session, courtesy of MSDN, valued at over $20,000 AUD. So please come along and support your favourite project management tools, SharePoint 2010, Project Server 2010 and Project 2010.

Update: Thanks for all of you that came along to the session at TechEd, whilst the presso was pretty short (only 30 minutes allocated) and the kind guys of the .Net Rocks podcast decided to sing using a VERY loud amplifier for the entire session, the feedback was great. The slide deck for those of you that asked, is available here.

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