So much great information!

rss-iconI usually try and stay away from reposting other content, but there has been so much good stuff released in the past week or two that I wanted to make sure you hadn’t missed any and I didn’t forget it!

First off, Brian Smith posted a fantastic article outlining common Project Server 2010 Business Intelligence Center errors here.

The Project Team posted an overview of where to look to find the most up to date Project documentation for Developers IT Pro’s and end users.  On a similar note, Brian also posted a number of RSS feeds for Project 2010 and 2007 related content. And to top it all off, one of the must have files in my SkyDrive account, the Project Server 2010 Technical Library in compiled help format, was updated to include the latest content including ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Demand Management’ and planning papers for installing Project Server 2010 into a Virtual Environment.

Last week, Microsoft finally released the 2010 version of Playbooks. For those who don’t know what Playbooks is, it’s a tool used to transfer Project Server configuration settings from one environment to another. Particularly useful if you want to ensure your Development, Test, Production & Disaster Recovery environments are all configured the same way.

Finally, the Project 2010 SDK was also refreshed, both online and for download. It includes a number of updates on existing topics and new content around developing PSI extensions and Project Server web parts.

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