Hiding the Today indicator from the Project 2010 Timeline

Over the past few months I have found myself using the new Timeline feature of Project 2010 more and more to communicate project schedule information to audiences that may not be comfortable reading Gantt charts.  By default, the timeline will show a ‘Today’ indicator that highlights the current date as can be seen below.

Timeline view with today indicator

Whilst this is fine in most cases, there have been a few times where I didn’t want the today indicator to be visible in the timeline, but I couldn’t work out how to hide it. Looking at the timeline tools ribbon I couldn’t see any prominent setting in the Show / Hide section.

Timeline Tools - Format Timeline

So to hide the indicator I used to export the Timeline out to Word and then edit the resulting graphic to physically remove the Today label and the associated dotted line.

Until today.

Whilst building a timeline view for a project, I needed to change the Date Format and noticed three little Show / Hide options buried at the bottom of the Date Format menu.

Timeline - Show / Hide items

Each option allows you to toggle whether the Task Dates, Today indicator or Timescale is displayed on the timeline view. I am not quite sure why it’s buried at the bottom of the date format menu, but that can be easily fixed by a quick customisation of the Timeline Tools ribbon:

  1. Select File > Options > Customise Ribbon;
  2. Create a new group called ‘Toggle Today indicator’; and
  3. Add the ‘Today’ option to the ‘Toggle Today indicator’ group in the Timeline Tools / Format tab as per the screenshot below.

Customise Ribbon - Add Today to Timeline Tools

Resulting in this much improved Timeline tools ribbon with a prominent today indicator toggle.

Timeline Tools - New Improved with custom Today group

Happy Timelining Smile

3 thoughts on “Hiding the Today indicator from the Project 2010 Timeline

  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I am also finding myself using the new timeline feature in 2010 more and more. I like it actually.

  2. This is certainly the fourth blog, of urs I personally went through.
    Nevertheless I really like this 1, “Hiding the Today indicator from the Project
    2010 Timeline | epmsource” the best. All the best -Jillian

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