How to remove the references from your Project Server & SharePoint 2010 farm

If you look closely in your SharePoint farm, you will see references to in some of the ribbons and dialogs…. link on the Create Site dialogBrowse on the ribbon

When you click on the link or button, instead of opening up a window into thousands of SharePoint apps from Microsoft and Community, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to show anything Sad smile

The shop is empty :(

Someone asked recently if it was possible to turn these off as they can be confusing for users. Well the answer is yes, you can turn the links off easily, if you know where to look. To do so, navigate to Central Administration and choose Manage Farm Features.

Central Admin - Manage Farm Features

Locate the ‘ Entry Points from SharePoint’  feature and click on ‘Deactivate’. Entry Point from SharePoint

You will be presented with a warning message, continue to click on the ‘Deactivate this feature


And voila, the references are gone.

Entry point removedEntry point removed

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