File not found error when viewing risks or issues

Every now and again whilst using the Project Server Demo and Evaluation pack, I run into an ‘File Not Found ‘ error when clicking on a risk or issue in a project workspace.

Risk / Issues - File Not Found

On investigation in the ULS logs, the actual error is:

ULS Error - FileNotFoundException

The important part of the error message that gives away what the problem is is the ‘’, which is not the site we are using, but it is the site the workspace is looking at to get the risk or issue form.

Fixing the problem is relatively easy thanks to Project Server’s Bulk Update Project Sites. This capability replaces the WSSSiteRelinker tool that was one of the key tools of a Project Server consultant with the 2007 release. When project workspaces are restored from a different machine it is necessary to repoint them at the new PWA instance under the covers.

To run the Bulk Update Project Sites tool, navigate to Server Settings > Bulk Update Project Sites.  Once in the screen select Previous Site Path (this should be populated with all the relevant options), in our case and Enter the site URL, in our case PWA (not there is no proceeding /, this is added automatically. Then in the new site path, choose the relevant web application, in our case and the site path, PWA.

Update Bulk Project Sites

The really important option is the Update Content Types section that says:

When migrating content to a farm that did not contain Project Server, the content types of Project Issues, Risks, and Documents may be altered such that item links are broken. If you notice that item links are broken after migration, you should update content types.

This is what is causing our error, so it’s important it is checked. Once this is all done, click on Update and let Project Server do its magic. Once it’s completed, I did an iisreset, I am not sure it’s strictly necessary, but I did it anyway.

Finally, all that is required is to test the risk or issue list again…

Risk / Issue - All Fixed

and voila, it’s working again. Of course, as this is your demo image, make sure you backup or snapshot the VM image so you don’t need to fix this again in the future. Now of course this error can also occur in non demo images if you have done a upgrade / migration, in which case all of the above steps still stand.

One thought on “File not found error when viewing risks or issues

  1. Thanks for the post! Definitely fixes the issue and is a cleaner way to handle it. I ran across other posts that mentioned republishing the Infopath form, but that has other repercussions and is a manual site by site action. This is by far a better solution!

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