Nintex Workflow for Project Server V2.0 Beta First look

I know I promised no more Nintex posts for a while, but this week, Nintex announced the availability of the first beta of Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2.0, the latest version of the popular Nintex Workflow for Project Server product and I just had to post!

Version 2.0 provides a number of enhancements to the existing product, including the following changes to the demand management components:

  • Change Enterprise Project Type from within the workflow;
  • New Publish project workflow action – Provides the ability to publish the project that the workflow is associated with, ensuring that project information is kept up to date in the Published Database;
  • Query Project Server (also available in Site / List Workflows) – Provides a direct interface to PSI methods that query or read data from Project Server; and
  • Update project properties (also available in Site / List Workflows) – Update project properties using site and list workflows.

Query the Project Server PSI Workflow Action

If the ability to query the PSI from within the workflow wasn’t compelling enough, version 2.0 also boasts one other new feature, which I think will be a game changer, the ability to associate workflows to the Project Server Event Handler engine Smile .

Manage Event Driven Workflows

Through using these new Event Driven workflows it is now possible to create workflows and then associate them to the Event Handler engine within Project Server. Some of the uses that come to mind immediately including:

  • Create a simple audit workflow that logs who published, edited or updated a schedule to a SharePoint audit list;
  • Alerting the resource manager whenever one of their resources are added to a project schedule via a workflow task and alert;
  • Synchronising a lookup table with an external system, or a SharePoint list when the list is updated or checked in; and
  • Alert resource managers when new users are created in PS requiring an RBS to be assigned.

I have only had a couple of hours to play with the beta, but can already see some pretty compelling reasons and scenarios for use. Stay tuned for a couple of cool walk throughs in the coming weeks.

The Beta is available to all Nintex Partners.

Disclosure: I am an employee of OBS, a member of the Nintex group. However, this did not inform this post, I really think it’s a great update to an already great product.

3 thoughts on “Nintex Workflow for Project Server V2.0 Beta First look

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  2. Nice Post!
    I’m currently evaluating the product and I’m trying to understand it’s limitations with respect to workflows and when you “have” to use visual studio for develop. Can you provide any insight or comments?

    Much Appreciated!

    • Hi Tyler,

      With the v2.0, I have yet to come across a reason to have to use VS2010 over Nintex Workflow for Project Server v2.0. The new Query Project Server, Change EPT and Update Project Properties actions cover all the scenarios that would force you down the VS route in V1. If you need to call the PSI, the web service action in NW4PS supports this, making calling methods very very easy. If you get a chance, come along to the Project Conference, I have a session on Nintex which will show you some more advanced workflow scenarios you can achieve with the tool.

      Are there specific scenarios / use cases you are looking at validating?


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