Microsoft PowerShell Command Builder

At the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, Microsoft released a pretty nifty PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint. Whilst it doesn’t look to support Project Server PowerShell commands just yet, it does support SharePoint Server 2010 which as Project Server practitioners we all need to roll our sleeves up and do something to now and again.

PowerShell Command Builder Design Surface

The tool itself uses a handy drag and drop interface to select what you wish to do and then prompts you to enter the relevant information for the command. When your finished you can simply copy it to your clipboard to paste into the SharePoint PowerShell window.

PowerShell Command Builder - Add Farm Solution

The SharePoint PowerShell Command Builder is built in Silverlight 4  and can be accessed at There is also a handy getting started guide here.

Update: I just noticed that if you right click on the Command Builder, you get the option to install it locally.

Install on your computer

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