Turning off Personalisation in Project Server

Personalize this pageOne little known capability of SharePoint is the ability to personalise web part pages to allow a user to remove or add web parts or change the layout of the page for themselves without the change being made for all other people that use that page. In some organisations this can be a useful feature allowing users to tailor the look and feel of SharePoint to their exact to allow them to work more efficiently.

PWA Personalised View

In other organisations, it can also be a source of confusion when end users personalise a page and remove enterprise web parts from the page or totally configure the page , leading to an increased support overhead, which is why some organisations wish to turn off this capability.

Luckily doing so is incredibly easy and can be done at the web application level meaning both your PWA site and project workspaces can have Personalisation disabled in a couple of mouse clicks.

To start, navigate to Central Administration and choose Manage Web Applications

Manage Web Application

Select the web application you wish to turn of Personalisation off within, then click on User Permissions on the ribbon. This will show all the permissions for the web application which you can customise. Scroll to the bottom of the dialog box and uncheck Add/Remove Personal Web Parts and Update Personal Web Parts items.

Setting unchecked

Once you have saved the settings, you will find the Personalize this Page option is no longer available from the top right hand menu, stopping users from personalising PWA or any other sites within the web application.

Personalize this page removed

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