Unable to publish projects with TRIM Context installed?

I ran into this issue at a customer recently and thought I would share it on the blog in case someone else ran into. The customer is a heavy user of the document management solution TRIM and has the program TRIM Context installed on most of their PC’s in order to allow users to store documents directly in TRIM from their desktop applications.

During user acceptance testing, one user was unable to save and publish their project schedules into Project Server in one session as the publish button was disabled until the schedule was saved, MS Project closed and the schedule reopened. Only doing this would activate the Publish command in the menu.

Publish disabled

On investigation it was found that the TRIM Context integration was causing the issue, specifically, when the file was saved, a TRIM record type dialog would be displayed that intercepted the save, causing the Publish menu item to become confused.

Luckily thanks to some investigation by the customer (thanks Claire and Federico), it seems that a setting within the TRIM Context options to ‘Integrate TRIM with Microsoft Project’ is to blame.

Trim Context Options

Simply unchecking this option will return the normal behaviour of being able to publish a schedule directly after saving.

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