Editing the Enterprise Global in Project Online

As a long time Project Server consultant, each implementation usually ended up with some changes to the Enterprise Global to push a standardised configuration out to the users of Project Server. By habit, I have always updated the Enterprise Global by navigating to Server Settings in and clicking on the Enterprise Global link which would open up Project Professional to allow the file to be edited.

Fast forward to Project Online, the Enterprise Global link in Server Settings is no more, which caused me some head scratching for a couple of minutes.

Project Online - Server Settings

So I thought I would share how to edit the Enterprise Global without using the web link. It turns out that this method is also valid for Project Server 2010.

To do so, open up Project Professional and ensure it is connected to Project Online.

Click on the File button, select the Info Tab

Project Professional 2013 - Info Tab

Click on the Organizer button in the Organize Global Template area and click on Open Enterprise Global.

Project Professional 2013 - Open Enterprise Global

This will open up the Enterprise Global for you to edit as required.

Checked Out Enterprise Global

Once the edits are complete, click on File and choose Close, remembering to save changes and check the file back in.

Save Enterprise Global

Now I will wait for the deluge of ‘my god I can’t believe you didn’t know that comments’ Winking smile

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