Where has Close tasks to update gone in Project Server 2013?

Close Task to update was an interesting feature that was used by the Project Manager to stop the selected tasks from showing up in resource task and timesheet views, therefore stopping users from recording time against those tasks.

Close Tasks to Update in Project Server 2010

In Project Server 2013, the close task to update capability has changed, to leverage a new ‘Locked’ capability which behaves in a similar manner, basically you can choose to lock a task through PWA and once locked and published, the task will no longer show up in the Task and Timesheets views.

To use the locked field you first need to add it to a view, in this case I have added it to the Task Summary view for a Project.

Task Summary - Add locked

When you open a project and choose that view you will see the new Locked field on the right hand side. By default all tasks will be set to ‘No’.

Project Server 2013 - Locked field

To lock a task, edit the project and change the value.

Add tasks to timesheet - after locked

When you publish the schedule the tasks that are locked will no longer appear in the task and timesheet views as can be seen in the table below.

Before After
Add tasks to timesheet - before locked Capture4

One thought on “Where has Close tasks to update gone in Project Server 2013?

  1. Hi, I’m sorry, maybe I’m asking a dumb question but I don’t know how to visualize the ‘Task Summary’ view in Project Server. I have already included the Locked field in it. In fact, I don’t know how to open the project and edit the tasks in Project Server 2013 at all, if it is not done through Project Professional 2013, and it looks that this is not the case as this field doesn’t appear there.

    Can you tell me the way to go there?

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