Setting up your Workflow Proxy account for 2010 legacy workflows in Project Server 2013

Workflows in Project ServerYou may be aware that Project Server 2013 can now use demand management workflows built in SharePoint Designer and the new Azure based Workflow Manager. But you may not be aware that the old 2010 ‘legacy’ workflow capabilities are also still present and available for you to leverage.

This is particularly important for organisations that may be upgrading from Project Server 2010 and have invested in demand management workflows and do not want to redevelop or significantly refactor their workflows for Project Server 2013 and the new Workflow Manager.

However, in setting up my Project Server 2013 instance I ran into an issue where I couldn’t register the workflow proxy account details for my PWA instance in Central Administration with what seemed like the correct credentials, resulting in the following error:

The specified Workflow Proxy User Account does not exist

Why is this the case? Well, under the covers, SharePoint 2013 (and Project Server 2013) the default authentication mode has changed from classic to claims. In fact it’s no longer possible to create a claims web app via the GUI any more, only PowerShell. If you have a claims based web application hosting PWA, you need to enter the workflow proxy in claims format. So instead of a domain\username format credential, enter the account in the correct claims format i.e. i:0#.w|domain\username.

One other thing I wanted to share when looking at 2010 legacy workflows in Project Server 2013, they will log to the ULS as Legacy Workflow Infrastructure, instead of the usual Workflow Infrastructure, so make sure you are looking in the right place Smile

9 thoughts on “Setting up your Workflow Proxy account for 2010 legacy workflows in Project Server 2013

  1. Hi Alex!

    I’m getting the following error when I create a project. Is there something I’m missing? I followed all the steps given in installation document. Is this related to your post? I’m sorry but I’m unable to understand if its really related to my error.

    WorkflowWorkflowProxyAccountNotFound (35117). Details: id=’35117′ name=’WorkflowWorkflowProxyAccountNotFound’ uid=’2f5471f7-1ed9-e311-be75-000c2951292c’.
    WorkflowCannotStartWorkflow (35100). Details: id=’35100′ name=’WorkflowCannotStartWorkflow’ uid=’305471f7-1ed9-e311-be75-000c2951292c’.
    GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) – WorkflowStartWorkflow.WorkflowStartWorkflowMessage. Details: id=’26000′ name=’GeneralQueueJobFailed’ uid=’315471f7-1ed9-e311-be75-000c2951292c’ JobUID=’d157c8f2-1ed9-e311-be75-000c2951292c’ ComputerName=’8ee901a1-4b3c-43cb-b974-00dbdeca3f41′ GroupType=’WorkflowStartWorkflow’ MessageType=’WorkflowStartWorkflowMessage’ MessageId=’1′ Stage=” CorrelationUID=’67e08f9c-b302-5085-a3f4-1500c8479513′. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine 8ee901a1-4b3c-43cb-b974-00dbdeca3f41 for entries with JobUID d157c8f2-1ed9-e311-be75-000c2951292c.



    • From what you mention above, it looks like the Proxy Account is not set up. Do you have a 2010 workflow configured in the EPT of the Project your creating? If so, you need to make sure you have a proxy account set up in Server Settings. let me know what you’ve got set up.

      • I’m not sure what does it mean by configuring PS 2010 WF in EPT. I’ve fresh machine and installed Nintex WF for PS 2013. Create one WF and attachted that to new EPT. Is there anything I’m missing? Because I’ve three separate environment (personal VM, staging & production) and all having same issue when I create project using EPT attached with Nintex WF.

        Secondly if you can help me for this also, I’ve flexi task and upon save and reopening, Assignees and Task description disappears. This is happening on production machine only.

        I would highly appreciate if you can help in this regard. Thanks

  2. Hi Alex,

    I am getting the same issue which Kashif has mentioned above. I have Project server 2013 and the workflow I am deploying is a Nintex workflow for Project Server 2013.

    Can you please tell how and where to set the workflow proxy account in ProjectServer 2013, incase I have not configured the account propoerly during the installation. Thanks



    • Hi Siskin,

      I got it fixed by setting up proxy account, though this is not documented anywhere. Just go to SharePoint CA-> General Application Settings -> PWA Settings -> Project Worflow Settings (make sure your correct instance is select on top right corner).


      • Hi,

        I’ve just posted steps on how to set up the proxy account. It’s really a Project Server thing, not necessarily a NW4PS thing (any classic workflow engine workflows in PS2013 would require it), but I understand the confusion and will be getting the install guide updated to include steps on checking to see if the account is set up correctly.


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  4. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the post.

    Yes, it’s PS 13 thing but if workflow build on SPD 13, then it’s not required. It’s NW4PS that uses workflow proxy even if worklfow is not being upgraded from 10-13. Nintex should have mentioned this in their documentation. I’ve raised this to their team and probably they will update it, so it would be helpful for new users :)

    Thanks again!

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