Hiding buttons in Project Online

A common requirement from customers is to be able to hide  / disable buttons within their Project Server instance and of course, this requirement will not go away with Project Online. I wrote a a while back about how you could disable or hide ribbon buttons using a simple sandboxed solution. Well the good news is that this approach is still valid for Project Online. Given all the focus on the app model and the flexibility and restrictions it introduces, it is sometimes forgotten that you can still deploy sandboxed solutions to your Project Online environment.

In choosing to utilise Sandboxed Solutions in Project Online, you should choose to remember that whilst the solutions are ‘sandboxed’, if you do end up having a rogue solution that causes your sandbox to suspend, then ALL your solutions in the sandbox will suspend until the resources reset. In the case of ribbon customisations, I think this is a pretty light and risk free way of deploying the customisation.

For this post I am going to take the .WSP file created in the above blog post, using the source posted here.

To deploy the solution, navigate to Site Settings and choose Solutions

Project Online : Site Settings

Choose to upload the HideRibbonButton.wsp from the above solution

Upload Solution

Once the file has uploaded, choose to Activate the solution.

Activate Solution

Once activated, navigate to Site Settings > Manage Site Features, note the two additional features that have now appeared like in the original post.

EPMSource.com Features

In this case, activating the relevant features will either hide the EPT Change Button or Disable the EPT Change Button within your Project Online tenant.

Disabled Button

There you have it, a simple sandboxed solution in this case from Project Server 2010, that I have simply deployed directly into Project Online with no modifications, allowing you to hide buttons. Of course, it’s not just Online, sandboxed solutions are still present in Project Server 2013, so still a valid option too Smile

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