Where did those dots come from in Project Online?

In the past few days an update has been pushed out to Project Online to improve some of the navigation elements of the Project Center.

Project Center - ...'s

If you look closely above you will see after each Project Name a new context menu elipsis (…) has been added which when you click on it will open up a notification giving you key pieces of data about the project.


Context Menu

From the screenshot above you can see the Project Name, %age complete, the project start date and end date as well as the Owner and Last Published date.

The bits I really love though are the commands available to me now directly from within the context menu. Now I can open the Project, Share it with other team members or if I hit the second context menu, Delete the project, Edit Resource Plan, Build Team or the ability to get to the Project Site.

Command Shortcuts

Unfortunately the project site link is a little buried still needing me to click twice to get to the option, guess it may be a good candidate App for the Appies. For now the update is for Online only, hopefully we will see this come back into on-premises in a future release.

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