Some useful links for the new year

A little late, but I thought I would post information about this great resource from Brian Smith. If you’ve ever had to hunt for details of which CU contained a fix for an issue and had to sit there in Google and Bing aggregating results, hunt no more, Brian has created a single page that contains details of all the Cumulative Updates for Project and Project Server 2013 on-premises in a single location over at the Project Support blog.

Details of Project & Project Server 2013 CU’s –

Of course if you want to know a little more about updates to Project Online, well unfortunately there isn’t a simple single view, but a page I would encourage you all to bookmark is the Office 365 Roadmap. The page itself details features that are currently launching or rolling out to Office 365, including Project Online. A couple of things that Peter Kestenholz noted are coming include the Resource Engagement Workflow and Capacity Management Capabilities. When you dig a bit deeper in the roadmap, you’ll also notice another gem…


Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 Write Support

An update to the App Model for Project Pro allowing Apps to write back data to the Project Plan (at the moment it can only read). This will open up a stack of scenarios for app developers who are limited to just reading and highlighting issues in a plan, now they can correct them.

I am looking forward to these changes rolling through Office 365 and Project Online in 2015. It’s going to be a big year Smile


Project Server 2007 CU Links

imageA week or so ago, I needed to go through the various Project Server 2007 CU’s to see if a particular issue my customer was experiencing had been fixed or was a new bug. After a bit of searching I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a definitive list of all the Project Server 2007 CU’s out there. There seemed to be a few which went from RTM through to SP2 ( but nothing afterwards.

Anyway, I ended up pouring through blog posts and the search engines to pull together a single list, which is posted below for your reference pleasure.

Name Version KB Link
January 31 Hotfix Package 12.0.6300.5000
April 3rd Hotfix Package 12.0.6309.5000
April 22nd Hotfix Package 12.0.6312.5000
April 29 Hotfix Package 12.0.6313.5000
May 8th Hotfix Package 12.0.6314.5000
June 2nd Hotfix Package 12.0.6316.5000
June 9th Hotfix Package 12.0.6317.5000
Service Pack 1 12.0.6218.1000
Infrastructure Update 12.0.6318.5000
August 2008 Cumulative Update 12.0.6327.5000
October 2008 Cumulative Update 12.0.6331.5000
December 2008 Cumulative Update 12.0.6335.5000
February 2009 Cumulative Update 12.0.6341.5002
Service Pack 2 12.0.6422.1000
April 2009 Cumulative Update 12.0.6503.5000
June 2009 Cumulative Update 12.0.6510.5003
August 2009 Cumulative Update 12.0.6514.5000
October 2009 Cumulative Update
December 2009 Cumulative update
February 2010 Cumulative update
April 2010 Cumulative update
June 2010 Cumulative Update
August 2010 Cumulative update
October 2010 Cumulative update
December 2010 Cumulative update
February 2011 Cumulative update
April 2011 Cumulative update
June 2011 Cumulative update

In the next few weeks I will pull in the missing version numbers, and make this a proper page on the site that is updated with the release of each CU.