Changing the date format on Gantt chart bars

A while back I posted about how you can change the format of dates in Project. The post showed how easily you could change the format of the dates within the main data entry window of Project. One of my readers pointed out that this was not reflected in the Gantt chart bat text automatically, as you can see below.

Entry date format doesn't match the bar date format

Changing the format of these dates is just as simple as changing the other date formats. Either right click on the Gantt chart to bring up the context menu and select Layout.

Right click - Layout

Or on the Gantt Format ribbon choose Layout.

Gantt Format Ribbon -> Layout


This will bring up a dialog where you can customise how links are displayed between tasks, bar height and most importantly, the format of any dates on the various bars.

Layout dialog - Bar Date Format

Select the format you want and click ok. Your Gantt bars will now reflect your chosen format.

Matching date formats

Make finding Project 2007 commands in 2010 easy

Following on from some of the posts I have been doing about Project 2010, I noticed this spreadsheet from Microsoft this morning that provides a mapping between Project 2007 menu items and where they are in the new Project 2010 fluent interface.


Whilst the new 2010 interface makes it easier to find stuff IMHO, for people that have been using Project 2007 heavily, it may take some getting used to and this spreadsheet will help.

You can download the Project Office 2010 menu to ribbon reference book here. You can also download similar reference books for the rest of the Office 2010 suite here.

Where did Copy Picture go?

A couple of people have asked me in the last few days about where the ‘Copy Picture’ icon that used to be front and centre in the Project 2007 had gone in 2010? I know it’s been posted before on other sites and in the newsgroups, but I thought I would repost it again.

To find it, choose the Task tab and then click on the downward arrow next to Copy. It’s quite logical when you think about it.

Copy Picture

Of course you could always decide to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.


Or why not try the excellent enhancements around Copy and Paste across the other Office applications instead?

Office Cut and Paste